Half and full-day workshops ($1,000+)

Lunch and Learns ($300+)



(Price varies)


Virtual Training

Workshop/Lunch & Learn details:

  • Electronic PDF provided at no additional cost. Please advise all attendees to bring a copy to the workshop.
  • Resilience Advantage workbooks are available for $15.00 per person (price is subject to change).
  • Attendees will receive a 20% discount toward Inner Balance Trainer if desired ($159.00 value).
  • Lunch is not provided in the Lunch & Learn/Workshop fees. We ask that the host please make appropriate provisions.
  • We will create custom packages and try to work with most budgets.
  • Travel expenses may apply.
  • We offer discounts to non-profits.
  • Please contact us for more information.


  • Understand the science behind living a more resilient life.
  • Exploring strategies in the 4 domains of resilience.
  • Exercise self awareness.
  • Calm your thoughts and create greater harmony.
  • Understand the impact of your emotions.
  • Discover the power of letting go.
  • Discover the power of decision.
  • Discover greater balance and joy.
  • Anticipate and respond.
  • Discover strategies that will help you in everyday life.

HeartMath Resilience Advantage

This program will teach people about the sources of their stress, as well as their pattern of responses to stress, and practical strategies for altering these responses. They are based on decades of research on Resilience as well as new and ground-breaking research in neuroscience. Participants leave the training with insights about themselves and concrete ways to buffer themselves from life and workplace stressors. They will be able to utilize these skills immediately to enhance their Resilience and increase their job performance.

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